Near rings thesis

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near rings thesis

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Please login to continue. The theory of near-rings has arisen in a variety of ways. There is a natural desire to generalise the theory of rings and skew fields by relaxing some of their defining axioms.

It has also been the hope of some mathematicians that certain problems in group theory, particularly involving permutation groups and group representations, may perhaps be clarified by developing a coherent algebraic theory of near-rings. Moreover, there is an increasing recognition by mathematicians in many branches of the subject, both pure and applied, of the ubiquity of near-ring like objects. The first steps in the subject were taken by Dickson and Zassenhans with their studies of 'near-fields', and by Wielandt with his classification of an important class of abstract near-rings.

Papers by Frohlich, Blackett, Betsch and Laxton developed the theory considerably. The history of the subject has been strongly influenced by our knowledge of ring theory, and although this has often been beneficial it must not be overlooked that a number of important problems in near-ring theory have no real parallel in the theory of rings. It is probably best to try to preserve a balance, and not to endeavour exclusively, either to generalise theorems from ring theory irrespective of their usefulness, or to ignore the theory of rings and attempt to formulate a completely independent theory.

In many cases our results are generalisations of theorems from ring-theory but at certain important junctures we will explicitly use the fact that we are dealing with a near-ring which is not a ring.

This is a very interesting development in the subject. We proceed, in the first chapter, with a review of the terms and notation that will be used in this thesis.

Where definitions and concepts are of a specialized or technical nature and only used in one section, it seems more sensible to postpone introducing them until a more natural point in the proceedings. Chapter 2 gives a summary of the results on the various radicals corresponding to the Jacobson radical for associative rings.

Most of these results are well known and readily available in the literature. We also consider near-rings with one, or more, of these radicals zero. We defined, in Chapter 1, three different types of primitive near-ring, which are all genuine generalisations of the ring theoretic concept.

Of these three, the two most important are 2-primitive and 0-primitive near-rings. In Chapter 3, we examine 2-primitive near-rings with certain natural conditions imposed on them. A theorem is obtained which could be considered to be the equivalent result for near-rings of the theorem classifying simple, artinian rings, due originally to Wedderburn and redeveloped by Jacobson. Chapters 4 and 5 deal with 0-primitive near-rings satisfying certain conditions.

Chapter 5 is a generalisation of Chapter 4, but we felt that the mathematical techniques involved would be clearer if the special case in Chapter 4 was expounded first.

In these two chapters we classify a sizeable class of 0-primitive near-rings with identity. Several types of prime near-rings have been developed in the literature.

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In Chapter 6 we examine these and related concepts. In the theory of rings, Goldies' classification of prime and semi-prime ring with ascending chain conditions, has been of immense importance. Whether such a result could be obtained in the theory of near-rings is a matter for conjecture, at the moment. We have made a start on the problem with the construction of a class of near-rings which behave in a very similar way to Prime rings with the Goldie chain conditions.

This is the content of Chapter 7. The inspiration for its came mainly from the proof of Goldies' first theorem, due to C. Procesi, which is featured in Jacobson's book. Jacobson [1]. This may lead, in time, to results on 2-primitive near-rings with identity and a minimal right ideal, for example, or a Galois theory for certain 2-primitive nearrings. For the former problem, the experience of the semi-group theorists Hoehake [1] etc.Dedication I dedicate my thesis work to my family and friends.

A special feeling of gratitude to my loving parents, Mr. Sanjay and Jyoti Chaudhary whose words of encouragement and push for tenacity ring in my ears. I also dedicate this thesis to my many friends and Gateway family who have supported me throughout the process.

I will always appreciate all they have done. Acknowledgement I am grateful to Gateway College of Architecture and Design, Sonepat for giving me the opportunity to research and write this thesis report. For the critical comments on the drafts I would like to thank my supervisor Prof. Anand Dhote and co-supervisor Ar. Bikramjit Chakraborty. Their excitement and willingness to provide feedback made the completion of this research an enjoyable experience.

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Preface This report presents the research on hospitality sector. It shows a detailed set of standards and requirements of designing a convention hotel and a centre. This report is primarily addressed to architects and designers, who are involved in the designing of a hotel or will be designing a hotel to give them a sense of spaces and special features of a hotel and convention centre. An understanding of different spaces in a hotel is been mentioned and how the programming of different floors and areas need to be done.

Therefore, the report would give them a different perspective in designing a project like this and giving a different experience to the user. Grateful acknowledgment is here made to those who helped in gathering data for this report. This work would not have reached its present form without their invaluable help.

I was engaged in researching and writing this report from January to March The thesis report was undertaken under the guidance of Prof. Anand Dhote. The research and analysis was difficult, but conducting extensive investigation has allowed me to gather all the information required for designing a hotel and convention complex.

Fortunately, my mentors from the GCAD, were always available and willing to answer all the queries. I would like to thank my supervisors for their excellent guidance and support during this process. I also wish to thank all of the respondents, without whose cooperation I would not have been able to conduct this analysis. To my Gateway family, I would like to thank you for your wonderful cooperation as well. It was always helpful to bat ideas about my research around you.

I also benefitted from debating issues with my friends and family. If I ever lost interest, you kept me motivated. My parents deserve a particular note of thanks: your wise counsel and kind words have always served me well. Table of Contents Declaration ………………………………………………………………………….

The Activity proposed in the Centre will be a Hotel complex with convention centre, swimming pool, with Retail and offices. The type of hotel proposed here is a Convention hotel. It would be designed as a boutique hotel as it has not to be very large like other five stars but the luxury level has to be maintained. Hotel operations vary in size, function, and cost.

Most hotels and major hospitality compaFig.In mathematicsa near-ring also near ring or nearring is an algebraic structure similar to a ring but satisfying fewer axioms. Near-rings arise naturally from functions on groups.

Similarly, it is possible to define a left near-ring by replacing the right distributive law A3 by the corresponding left distributive law.

near rings thesis

Both right and left near-rings occur in the literature; for instance, the book of Pilz [2] uses right near-rings, while the book of Clay [3] uses left near-rings. A near-ring is a ring not necessarily with unity if and only if addition is commutative and multiplication is also distributive over addition on the left. If the near-ring has a multiplicative identity, then distributivity on both sides is sufficient, and commutativity of addition follows automatically. The 0 element of the near-ring M G is the zero mapi.

If G has at least 2 elements, M G is not a ring, even if G is abelian. Many subsets of M G form interesting and useful near-rings. For example: [1]. Every near-ring is isomorphic to a subnear-ring of M G for some G. Many applications involve the subclass of near-rings known as near-fields ; for these see the article on near-fields. There are various applications of proper near-rings, i.

Circumstellar and circumplanetary disks

The best known is to balanced incomplete block designs [2] using planar near-rings. These are a way to obtain difference families using the orbits of a fixed point free automorphism group of a group. Clay and others have extended these ideas to more general geometrical constructions [3]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Algebraic structures Group -like. Ring -like. Lattice -like. Module -like. Module Group with operators Vector space.

Algebra -like. Clay, "Nearrings: Geneses and applications", Oxford, Categories : Abstract algebra. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version.

Module -like Module Group with operators Vector space Linear algebra.This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Rent this article via DeepDyve. AbbasiJ. Meldrum and J.

MeyerIdeals in near-rings and matrix near-rings. To appear in the proceedings of the Oberwolfach Conference on Near-rings and Near-fields. MeyerIntermediate ideals in matrix near-rings. MeyerModules over matrix near-rings and the J o -radical. Google Scholar. Meldrum and A. Math 47— MeyerMatrix near-rings. Thesis, University of Stellenbosch PilzNear-rings.

Revised Edition, North-Holland In Near-rings and Near-fields, G. Betsch, ed. North-Holland Download references. Box, Bloemfontein, South Africa. Reprints and Permissions. Meyer, J. Chains of intermediate ideals in matrix near-rings. Math 63, — Download citation. Received : 14 December Issue Date : October Search SpringerLink Search. References [1] S.

To appear in the proceedings of the Oberwolfach Conference on Near-rings and Near-fields, [2] J. Author information Author notes J. Meyer View author publications.

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Additional information Vir Ben de la Rosa op sestig. Rights and permissions Reprints and Permissions. About this article Cite this article Meyer, J.Chiang, Eugene Circumstellar and circumplanetary disks.

Dissertation Ph. This thesis studies disks in three astrophysical contexts: 1 protoplanetary disks; 2 the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt; and 3 planetary rings. Each disk is encased by an optically thin layer of superheated dust grains.

The heated disk flares and absorbs more stellar radiation at a given stellocentric distance than a flat disk would.

Spectral energy distributions are computed and found to compare favorably with the observed flattish infrared excesses of several young stellar objects. Spectral features from dust grains in the superheated layer appear in emission if the disk is viewed nearly face-on. We present the results of a pencil-beam survey of the Kuiper Belt using the Keck m telescope.

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Two new objects are discovered. The luminosity function is consistent with a power-law size distribution for which the smallest objects possess most of the surface area but the largest bodies contain most of the mass. To order-of-magnitude, 0. The classical Kuiper Belt appears truncated at a distance of 50 AU. We propose that rigid precession of narrow eccentric planetary rings surrounding Uranus and Saturn is maintained by a balance of forces due to ring self-gravity, planetary oblateness, and interparticle collisions.

Collisional impulses play an especially dramatic role near ring edges. Pressure-induced accelerations are maximal near edges because there 1 velocity dispersions are enhanced by resonant satellite perturbations, and 2 the surface density declines steeply.

New ring surface densities are derived which accord with Voyager radio measurements. Repository Staff Only: item control page. A Caltech Library Service. Circumstellar and circumplanetary disks. Citation Chiang, Eugene Circumstellar and circumplanetary disks. Abstract This thesis studies disks in three astrophysical contexts: 1 protoplanetary disks; 2 the Edgeworth-Kuiper Belt; and 3 planetary rings.

Thesis Files. More information and software credits. Circumstellar and circumplanetary disks Citation Chiang, Eugene Circumstellar and circumplanetary disks. Item Type: Thesis Dissertation Ph. Goldreich, Peter Martin. Goldreich, Peter Martin chair Phinney, E.

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near rings thesis

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near rings thesis

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